LH Rear Inner Wing: B-post Area Repair

Another area where previous action had taken its toll. As I mentioned the car had been widebody-fied then partially reverted, so had already had 3 sets of rear wings including the original factory ones. I think ours will be the fourth set.

Barry says:
The front area of the rear inner wing had suffered through having had at least two B-posts welded to it, and then removed. Additionally there were several areas of corrosion. Replacement of this metal has the advantage that the welding on of the new B-post (rear wing) is much easier going from new to new metal.

Here's what we started with:

So it's another fairly complex repair panel, again allowing us to keep the bulk of the original metal.
Luckily Barry says:

One of my favourite repairs!
He's cheerful today.

I've got some tooling I made up last year for the Pullmax machine, and it makes it very straightforward to produce the pressing in this panel.
There is some tricky shaping to do around this area however, as the inner wing has more curves (in different directions) than might be assumed.
There is a degree of shrinking / stretching that needs to be done in order to allow the panel to lie nicely relaxed on the parent metal, ready for scribing in.

The repair panel fabrication process looks like this:

"Very straightforward", I'm sure we can all agree...

All that remains is to chop out the old bit and bung in the new bit. By now I had mastered the required technical language.

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