LH Floor Edge

Finishing off the floor edge repair panel, and welding it in. The original floor was mostly very good, so these edges are the only new bits.

With the inner sill cavity all cleaned up and primed, the new floor edge (previously scribed and trimmed) could be prepared whilst the sill area paint was drying.

There are all sorts of holes in the floor edge, only two of which we want, and even those are 10mm rather than our 8mm.
They all get welded up, and then I'll drill some new 8mm's later on. Each hole gets a little custom disk, this gets dropped in and hammer and dollied until it sits in the hole unassisted. The area is welded up, ground back and linished smooth.
This is repeated for each hole.

With the inner sill area dry, the various weld sites are stripped of any etch primer over-spray, and re-primed with Wurth weld-thru zinc-rich primer. At last the floor could be welded in.

2016 MetalworkRichard Fry