Next, a slightly strange job on the dashboard.

RHD dashes of correct quality were / are not available, so mine is being refurbished by the incomparable Garry at Classic FX

It seemed salvageable, the main problem being that the speaker hole had been filled in. It looked as if a previous owner had it reworked by a company that uses vacuum-forming type techniques to attach the vinyl - the many small holes are the clue.

Garry was not overly keen to make a hole that I (already earmarked as an annoyingly picky customer, for some reason ...) might suggest was half a millimetre out of position and throw a hissy fit. So he kindly let me take some measurements from another dash, following which I measured many times, cut once, and ended up with a hole that seems to fit my nice original speaker grille. Dremel with router bit was the tool of choice.

After which my dash went off to be re-covered. Here are a couple of pics of the finished article.

With many thanks to Garry.

2018 Rebuild 1Richard Fry