LH Torque Tube Area: Centre Web Fabrication

Barry's words again:

This area is very tricky to make. Doesn't look much at all, but it's got to accurately fit in several places, one of the hardest being down to the floor, particularly as it curves over the rear of the floor pressing.

I've not got tooling for a 2.2 style inner web, but do have the left hand side for 2.4 and onward (RH pattern to follow soon). As a consequence I used my tooling to roughly fabricate a 2.4 style panel, and then free-hand re-worked it to an approximation of a 2.2.

These pictures show it in 2.4 style, a later sequence shows it properly in place. The 2.2 shell is helpful, in that the heater tube goes over the torque tube, giving many options on shapes to get from the upper area of the inner wed, down to the flange at the base. It gives lots of wiggle room compared to the 2.4, which have none at all.

As it is, it's got to follow the outer edge of the floor, the horizontal inner portion of the floor, the shape of the upper inner web, the torque tube and end up at the right place at the base ready to receive the new rear inner wing repair. There's a lot going on here! The sad thing is, to glance at it, you'd think it was an hour or so of rough bashing to make the thing. Sadder still, it's buried deep within the car, and in all likely hood will never be seen again.

Last two pictures (sort of) show how the panel lies over the rear of the floor and back down to the floor base.

When I used to make this whole area 'freehand' it was nearly two days work to get it all to fit, and that was usually in three pieces. BTW, all of my repairs are made from full 18SWG (1.2mm / nominal 48thou - actually 44thou) steel. It takes some shifting.

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