LH Sill and Torsion Tube Area

We need to make a decision on the front inner wings - repair or replace? And the sills are coming off anyway. So now is a good time to get them off and have a look at the bottom of the A posts.

As mentioned, the sills had been recently done as part of the previous part-complete resto. The car has not been used since then. So they should be pretty good, right?

Er... no.

Over to Barry:
It turned out that the nearside inner sill was barely attached at the top, and it just peeled away.

I was amazed to see that inside the sill area, no attempt had been made to clean up inside the area at all, not even a dash of primer. The heater tubes on both sides have had it I'm afraid.

I was also surprised to see a whole layer of metal just cut away and left out altogether at the rear.

Not a pretty sight.

2016 MetalworkRichard Fry