Pulling: Strut Towers

With the car held down to the jig by means of the various brackets that now fit, plus a pair of sill clamps, the front towers could be pulled.
The Porta Power is lifting the offside tower a bit, whilst helping it in and rearwards a little.

At the front, the current front pan doesn't fit the jig brackets, but I was able to lock them in one hole down (these have an upper and lower position), and then use long bolts / screws to hold the front of the car where I wanted it. Later on I'll weld some temporary straps between front of inner wings and the jig-bed whilst the front pan comes out. There is still some spring in the area, but as more and more work is carried out, I'll work this spring out before any new metal goes in. In the meantime, those ugly long bolts are holding everything just-so.

Whilst on same subject, all that pulling around has got the nearside torque tube end into the correct position. The four bolt 'receivers' though are a different matter ...

2016 MetalworkRichard Fry