As shown in the previous photos, the shell is somewhat bent. So the first work package is pulling - applying fairly large forces to the car to try to pull it back into shape. We have the Celette jig to tell us how it's going, and also some other tools (like the screen jigs).

One of the indications of the front end twist was the front suspension mounts. They had been hacked about pretty badly, presumably to get the front suspension to fit despite the mounting points being misaligned. So on the jig they went.

To quote Barry, findings were:
Both of the Macpherson strut top mountings are pretty battered, and the offside one has been ground down, plus one of its clamp plates cut down. Now actually, I don't think the inner wing itself was out so far as to justify this wanton bodgerism, so I wonder if the upright itself was bent, and to a degree, this is what is trying to be corrected here?
... seems like a plausible theory.

Since I'm not using the uprights (struts) that came with the car, I don't much care whether they are bent. In fact, better if that's the problem not shell twist.

This is what I mean by hacked about:

... and this is how the mounting points looked on the Celette.
Not great, but not as disastrous as I had feared:

Moving to the back end, here are the "before" pictures of the engine mount points, relative to their correct positions on the Celette:

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