Status Summary: Front Pan and Front Inner Wings

I knew that the front pan etc had been repaired, and had planned with Barry that these repairs would be coming out (see panel list - already bought all of those bits). 
As shown here, the previous repairs were somewhat agricultural:

The main problem up at this end is that, either as a result of poor front end restoration, or more likely as a result of trauma, the front end is twisted.
One side is about 10mm higher than the other:

There are also various areas of corrosion / damage repair to the front inner wings. 
We had hoped to save the inner wings, but it now seems likely that new front inners and a-posts are the most sensible option. 
Panel cost of that is quite high, and of course it takes more time.

More investigation required before that decision can be made.

2016 MetalworkRichard Fry