Full Stockbroker Spec

What have you been doing for 2 years?

Researching History (continued) 

So, the car was Guards Red, Fat Backside, Whale Tail. 

I said it was the full stockbroker treatment. But luckily our unknown 80s Australian fashion victim was, seemingly, not a stockbroker. Or not a very successful one anyway. We can tell this because the update was, luckily, not very thorough. Not much money spent, lots of original parts survived.

The first item not-even-slightly updated was the engine:

MFI type code shown here. According to Michael Burgess' website http://911mfi.com/5.html, this is correct for the engine. Also note date codes on the cylinders: 6/69 so almost certainly original to the car.

In summary the original engine, MFI, intake system, oil union etc, gearbox survived. Some ancillary parts are wrong (throttle linkages, cam cover paint, fan shroud and trumpets painted, oil lines wrong, oil cooler has repair so probably scrap, etc etc). But basically it's all there.


There's plenty of further evidence to suggest that our Australian forward-dating friend was on a tight budget. For example, as this pic shows, the red paint liberally hit the outside of the car, but in other places a black rattle can (with very little disassembly) seems to have been used.

Which is why (up to date pics below) there's still a fair amount of original orange paint to be found in the nooks and crannies. 

Might be useful for a colour match. Nice to see, anyway.

Last pic of the 80s legend.

1) Vigorous use of the under-bonnet rattle can
2) The mod to replace the front-mounted oil cooler with a length of pipe. Maybe the cooler got damaged, or maybe it didn't fit with the new front bumper etc.
3) Front calipers are not correct - should be alloy of course.