Front Panel Preparation

Best to let Barry describe what's going on here:

Both inner chassis legs (longitudinal tank supports) need some sort of back-dating. Charmingly, whilst doing other work on one, a captive nut literally fell off. How we would have chuckled if that had happened just after the shell was built and painted. Suitably impressed, I seam welded every captive nut on both panels. The hole that was filled on the offside leg is an impact bumper feature, and not correct for an early car.

Pics of panels stripped ready for weld-thru primer and welding. Washer bottle mounting placed in the correct, but improbable-looking position, towing eye welded on, front end less front slam and nearside inner wing repair another trial fit. This followed a good half day just tweaking all the fits to be suitably neat and crisp. Also the new tank support needed a bit of fettling to be really good, although it's a very nice panel in fact.

2017 MetalworkRichard Fry