Front RH

I like this little sequence of the car getting part of its nose, and the front pan, back. Obviously completely illusory in terms of true progress, but I always feel better when it looks more like a car (and less like scrap metal).

Barry says: This is the one time I need the jig to be truly level, so I use my lovely old engineer's level to set the jig fore and aft. I always jack one corner of the jig when I'm doing anything structural that could build a twist into the shell, but it doesn't need to be level. I also took a moment to retry the strut tower brackets and the front screen aperture jig, just to make sure everything was still straight and true before risking locking in any problems.

For the front end though, I like to have the plumb-line available as an extra measure to counter building the front off to one side or the other.

I did a rough build of the front end with the new front pan bolted in, together with the recovered front slam panel and both front inner wing repairs.

With that done, the offside repair could be scribed in, double checked and tacked. This was followed by a small repair to the base of the offside front inner wing.

2017 MetalworkRichard Fry