Rear End, Continued

Various further repairs to the rear end. Barry says:

The area that was sliced out of the offside rear was stripped and the bumper mounting removed. The pair were cleaned up and blasted. The bumper mount was straightened out, and the missing captive nut replaced. The inner wing section accident damage was beaten out, and the pair welded back together again. They await welding back into the shell.

Next, the buckling to the nearside chassis leg was tackled. It wasn't bad, and could be tackled with a dent rod. The hole was made in an area that would later be replaced, meaning I could work the rod hard without worrying about it causing it's own damage. Then the previously damaged area was removed, and the new metal welded in before the area was finalised shape-wise with dent rods via a new hole underneath. This will be welded up later.

2017 MetalworkRichard Fry