RH Torque Tube Area

Moving on with the RH Torque Tube, Barry said:

As per the other side, I removed the rather pitted end of the otherwise good torque tube, and used the last of my spare tube to add on a new section. This was then back-marked from the jig bracket using a stepped tool which gives the correct tube protrusion.

After that, the new inner wing base could be roughly trimmed down, and the shape (flanges especially) could be tweaked and tidied as best as possible before the numerous trial fits could begin. On this side it went on for ages. A combination of so-so pressing, previous welding and accident damage meant it took simply ages to get everything to work.

BTW, before the repair was fitted, it got keyed up, black etch primed in the centre, and Wurth Bright Zinc primed around the weld sites, just the same as the other repairs.

2017 MetalworkRichard Fry