Oil System

Oil and Fuel system refurbs are in progress. For the oil lines, the original fittings are all fine, and I think look much better than modern crimped versions. The old fittings are easy to work with and reuse. So what we see below is:

  • original aluminium fittings, just vapour blasted. These are quite nice because they have the '69 date stamps
  • original steel elbows etc, plated. Shockingly I have deviated from the original finish. I started by yellow zinc plating, but they looked pretty awful (surface finish not good enough). So these are now plated in satin nickel, with a base coat of copper. A bit like the standard chrome plating process. A bit blingy, but I like it.
  • New hose, obviously. Cohline 2633.
2019 Rebuild 1Richard Fry