Pedal Cluster

Here's the rufurbished pedal cluster. Being RHD it has some slightly weird and wonderful extension rods, to bridge the gap from the accelerator and clutch pedals to the centre tunnel (much simpler in the LHD version).

As well as the plating and paint, it has new bushes and springs. Chris at Fenn Lane Motorsport makes them (including the NLA RHD clutch helper spring). So this is the first of probably many opportunities for me to say "thanks" to Chris.

Just for fun I'll bung in a link...
... but it's possible that the website will still be under construction.
You may be thinking "I didn't know Chris was making those". It's additionally possible that I will mention a few more things you didn't know he makes. Lots of engineering at Fenn Lane, not so much marketing.

Anyway, let's have some pedal photos: