Blasting - the Merciless

When Jamie Lipman visited me the other week we stood around like old blokes in a shed and, among other things, looked at my shell. Pre-blasting. 
At one point, he said "what needs doing then, how is Barry going to spend x hours on this?" And, when it was in primer, I could see what he meant. Looked really pretty good.
.... didn't quite turn out that way...

Post-blasting, here's a photo of the rear parcel shelf area looking upwards, and some wise words from Mr C:

Barry says: This was a real surprise, as this area looked so good!

I think the shell does back up my repeated claim that once any repair has been primed, any photographs are meaningless. It's so easy to skim iffy repairs with a bit of filler before priming and photographing. ...

At the end of the day, I'm afraid photos have got to be in bare metal or aren't worth the pixels they are made from ....

Just an example. There are quite a few areas where the situation post-blasting, with the car on the jig, is less good than I'd hoped. More on that later.

Wine o clock now, I think. Cheers!