So... what do we have? Bad news section

The rear wings and rear door pillars have been replaced as part of the previous owner's partially-completed resto project. Barry proposes to take them off again, have a good go at the lower rear inner wing / torsion bar tube / kidney bowl areas, and re-do to his standards. 

Front wing closers have been done, but need to be re-done. There is some quite severe pitting to the front inner wings:

The front pan and slam panel have been repaired. Not well enough, so this area will all need to be unpicked and re-done (with new Porsche panels).

Final points: it looks like my front wings, door frames (need re-skin), bonnet, and probably bumpers are save-able. Roof seems fine.

Overall I'm feeling very optimistic. As previous evidence shows, Barry can reconstruct a car from very little, so failure is not an option. But based on what I see so far, I think / hope we will end up with a lot of original metal in the car.

Time will tell.

2015Richard Fry