Orange Bruce

What have you been doing for 2 years?
Thinking of a Name

I don't name cars. But my daughter (now 11 years old) can't resist. 
This one is, apparently, called "Night Bug":

Midnight blue, looks like a smooth squashed beetle. I guess.
This one is, apparently, called "Buzz":

1969 car, the year of Apollo 11, so named after Buzz Aldrin. 
Also has no soundproofing, so does tend to be a bit loud. 
You could quibble over whether that noise is actually a buzz, but anyway. I learned a while back not to enter into debate with my daughters unless absolutely necessary.

And the car to which this blog relates, the 70 S, which came from Australia and will be back to its original colour of Signal Orange in due course, is, apparently, called...
"Orange Bruce".