Barry Carter

Barry Carter is a bit of a welding legend here in the UK. He's done the metalwork for some beautiful early 911 and 912 restorations.

For example:

Studio shots above are by the excellent Jamie Lipman, and the Bahama Yellow 912 is his car. To see more of his work, click here:

Also, Barry has never been defeated. No matter how hideously rusty the starting point. Let me illustrate: one UK car, nicknamed swampy, had suffered indignities including a workshop fire and subsequent period out in the rain. At its low point, it looked like this on Barry's jig:

Having seen a lot of his work, and chatted to him at length, I was convinced I wanted Barry to do my shell. At that time he was pretty busy, so I've been on the waiting list for over a year, but he's coming to visit and look at my car in the next week or two. Should be interesting.

2015Richard Fry