Parts - Highlights

The car had been stripped down by the previous owner, and came a stash of various parts. About 10 cardboard boxes full, plus various additional large bits. Some duplicate parts.

Overall the car was pretty complete. Highlights of the parts stash included:

Aluminium deck lid. Genuine Porsche, in the factory primer. An iconic "S" part, amazingly light. Very lucky to have this.

Front mounted oil cooler. These changed over the years - this type is correct for my car but the design changed to a simpler trombone style from '72 on, I think. This type is no longer available, so getting a New Old Stock one with the car was a big bonus.

Engine ancillaries. MFI pump and intake stacks all correct. Oil console (unavailable, difficult to find) also correct. In general the engine looks cosmetically good, turns over by hand, has not suffered excessive corrosion.

2014Richard Fry